Students Testimonial Flower Therapy Diploma 2012

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"Dear Micareli,
I have missed our Wednesday moments. I am left with the absolute certainty that my heart, that beated when I saw the ad for the course, was clear about what and how I needed to learn. My dear teacher, I enjoyed your classes so much; you opened my mind up about flowers, as if I recognized them, and I found new depths of enchantment with them.

I realized that the flower essences have given my life continuous changes. Also the magic led me to the subtle and brilliant world of orchids that fully seduced me, Star included...balance and stability became my partner from last winter to this day, one heart an elixir that supports bonds, ancient wisdom has reminded me and anchored within me my intuition... Discovering Australian flower essences opened my perspective into something that I am still savoring, something not easy to define...their power and light are amazing... Our loving and intense group became a soft and warm space of containment for the processes we experienced; personally, a little nest where one could feel and learn. Thank you, master, for your passion, support, love and generosity in handing us the knowledge.

Everything I have experienced and learned throughout these months in Ivan's lessons and then yours, plus the group process, exceeds my initial expectations by far. Micareli, thank you for everything and beyond, for sharing the ceremony with us, for being aware and seeing each one of us in our own personal delicate way. Thank you."

Lorena Naves Cabrera
"When one searches for a course or class, one is uncertain whether the choice has been the right one, whether one will find what one is looking for, whether the people will be the right ones.

The choice was correct. Not only did I find what I was looking for, but, much more. Not only did I get to know the beauty and the miracles that the flowers hold, I also learned about mankind, about the importance of getting to know oneself and others, about dedication and how important it is to help other people and all the help that is needed from the Universe. I enjoyed each fun lesson and the lovely atmosphere and bonds. Teachers were passionate and on top of their knowledge. I hope life gives me the chance to learn from them once more."

Thanks and hugs.

Bernardita Gonzalez Figari
"For me the course meant a COMPLETE change in how I see life in general. This is an important shift in my personal life since it has made me responsible for all that has happened to me and given me the ability to decide what I want to do in the future. To be able to help myself has been GREAT...and to be able to help those around me (my family, friends, class mates...) an infinite joy."


Elizabeth Beatriz Garrido
"Hello lovely teacher!!

For me the course was a very revealing experience that showed me new and interesting paths that I would like to carry on exploring."

A big kiss.
Valeria Garcés Valenzuela. Socióloga
"It is a blessing to cross paths and to share with beings that love what they do.

When I read the course ad something clicked in my heart and I thought it could be a good resource to know about flower essences so I could give them to my daughters or to take them myself. I had just started studying Art Therapy, which I was feeling completely passionate about, and took this other course as "something small on the side".

My surprise was huge and wonderful when I found such depth and extraordinary quality in the lessons. First Iván with all his information and knowledge about so many aspects of things. Then, Micareli with her love for the flower essences, the stars and, especially, the passion with which she shared what she had learned along her life.

The journey started off being kind of " let's see what the fuss about these flowers is", but, quickly took me to a point of great amazement, just like a child. A wonderful door opened before me. The reason behind the form of things, the colours, the how and where each flower grows, the sacred character of each consultation with a client...

I have nothing but gratitude for this journey that finallyjust begins."

Erica Secches
"Ever since I first came to know Bach flower essences, about three or four years ago, I have been going through a period of introspection. Regardless of the reasons why and the circumstances that the universe faced me with for me to know this path, I am left with the wonderful feeling of self-knowledge and, above all, of the sensations coming from within.

The essences touched me deeply. I had ups and downs that all lead my soul to express what I was and am. I experienced improvements related to self-love (so scarce in those lost and uprooted) so I could understand that only from here the love for everyone and everything begins.

I felt called upon. I felt the need to connect with the earth that created me. I felt the indescribable feeling of peas when surrounded by nature. So there I went. As the universe introduced me to the flower essences, the essences introduced me to this course through Mundo Nuevo magazine. Something called me; something resonated within me so I applied. There I shared experiences with different but familiar people. People who shine and let their light be seen and showed their trust. We resonated.

I was able to follow my crying soul through the course. I needed to find the sense of things and my life. I needed to gain vocational coherence as a teacher and not get lost in the vice of it. Wild Oat was my mentor throughout this process, showing me the way of my soul. Alone in nature I find resonance, I understand the natural system and respect it. Only in nature was I able to find the sense and direction that I had thought lost. With the love I felt for the flowers I found myself and I begin to fly."

Daniela Leyton Rebolledo.
Licenciada en Lengua y Literatura Hispánica con mención en Literatura. Licenciada en Educación Media con mención en Lengua y Literatura Hispánica. Profesora de Lengua Castellana y Comunicación.
Universidad de Chile


Cursos de formación floral continua

La escuela imparte cursos de formación continua impartidos por destacados terapeutas y elaboradores de diversos sitemas florales como Star Riparetti (Star Essence), Ian White (Australian Bush Flower), Neide Margonari (Florais de St. Germain), Catherine Keattch (Crystal Herbs) y el Dr. Ricardo Orozco (Institut Anthemon), entre otros.

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